MTA-SS200 Smart Street Light

Product Description and Application

SOTAE SS200 series 50W smart street light (camera+ UPS+ photo sensor), which can realize the light control and monitor functions. Suitable for Main/side roads, Residence communities, Squares, Parks, etc.

Product picture

Product specifications

  • Optics
    1. TpyeⅡ-s street light lens, 80pcs 3030LEDs
    2. Efficacy 120lm/W, CCT 5700K,CRI70
    3. The luminaire light has no interference to camera.
  • Electrics
    1. 220~240V AC input for luminaire, photo sensor and UPS.
    2. UPS output 12V DC to drive Camera, camera’s power consumption is 12~18W.
    3. UPS power the camera more than 3 hrs when power cut off.
    4. Power supply: MOSO LDP Series
  • Structure
    1. High power die-cast housing, IP65 protection.
    2. The camera is located under the luminaire.
    3. The luminaire can be horizontal and vertical installation, also the adjust angle range: -15°~15°.
    4. The components inside are power supply, camera and UPS.
  • Camera
    1. Adopt 2 type of high definition outdoor camera of HIKVISION.
    2. Model number: DS-2CD2T25FWD-I8 and DS-2DE4225IW-DE.


Product size and structure features

Photometry and Type VS:

Installation instruction

Open the camera protection cover as the description in the manual, take out the foam, tape and protection cover, lock the screws of the protection cover tightly.

Open the luminaire cover before installation, connect the connector as below pictures to insure the camera work well.

Device information

User name: admin

Password: bs123456

Default IP: