Smart Light

Smart Functions

Video Surveillance
Local and remote monitoring, video playback, face detection and recognition, helping security and vehicle monitoring

Led Display
Information Release
Advertising program management, timed release, weather and alarm information display

Wireless City
Wireless WIFI convenient Internet access, crowd information analysis, uplink and downlink traffic analysis

Loud Speaker
-Public Alert
-Voice Broadcast

5G Base Station
Large broadband, low latency, higher frequency, shorter wavelength, and larger coverage

Parking Monitoring
 Monitor parking space occupancy and idle status, parking space information display, linkage reminds vehicle violation, unattended, online payment

Water Level Monitoring
Water level alarm line, real-time monitoring of safety line, automatic opening of warning light

Manhole Cover Monitoring
Monitor the status of the manhole cover in real time, and issue a linkage alarm when displacement or tilt occurs, reminding pedestrians and vehicles to avoid.

Emergency Call
Emergency call alarm, business consultation, audio and video intercom

Charging Station